Show Details for the week of October 24th, 2016

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The Monitor this week features two interviews. The first is with Thomas Singer who comes on the show to discuss his chapter in a book we featured on last week’s show: A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of Donald Trump. The second is with Steve Horn editor of Desmogblog

More about this week’s guests:

headshot_tomsThomas Singer, M.D. is psychiatrist and Jungian analyst who practices in the San Francisco Bay area. He has spent the last several years researching the cultural complex theory in different parts of the world, including Australia, North America, Latin America, Europe and a new project in Asia. He has co-edited the following books on the topic: The Cultural Complex, Placing Psyche (Australia), Listening to Latin America, and most recently, Europe’s Many Souls. In addition, he has co-edited two books on Ancient Greece/Modern Psyche based on conferences in Santorini, Greece. Beginning in 2000, he has organized five consecutive conferences at the San Francisco Jung Institute on politics, culture and psyche during Presidential election years. Dr. Singer currently serves as President of ARAS (The Archives for Research in Archetypal Symbolism) which explores symbolic imagery from all cultures since the beginning of human history.

Quote: “The new emails released by WikiLeaks via the Podesta files further call Hillary Clinton’s commitment to tackling the enormity of the issue that is the climate change crisis into question. They show her boasting [about] what is now well-documented elsewhere: that she sold fracking around the world. They show her inner circle trying to smear her primary opponent Bernie Sanders as out of touch and not realistic for opposing fracking. They show careful political calculus for when to come out against Keystone XL, which the science of climate change shows was a no-brainer, to nix it. And they show her saying “You need to have a public position and a private position on policy,” calling almost everything she says for public consumption, including her most recent speech in Florida where she stood alongside Al Gore, into question. Meanwhile, her opponent has called climate change akin to a Chinese hoax and has a climate and energy policy and transition team which includes an industry-funded think tank climate change denier, an oil/gas/coal industry lobbyist and the founder and CEO of one of the largest fracking companies in the U.S., in the form of Continental Resources’ Harold Hamm, with a business stake in the hotly-contested Dakota Access Pipeline. Trump also has personal investments in Dakota Access. ‘Troubling’ to describe such a state of electoral affairs would be to put it far too mildly, as the lethal Hurricane Matthew ripped its way through the Caribbean and southeast U.S. and as climate change-induced record monthly global temperatures continue to pile up.”



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