Show Details for the week of July 25th, 2016

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Last’s show was preempted by Pacifica’s coverage of the Republican National Convention. This week’s show is running at the same time as key speeches at the Democratic National Convention, and KPFT is also fundraising this week. That means that the show faces the interesting task of trying to compete with the DNC and raise money after not being on the air in two weeks.

jwxnslxt_400x400We can do it but we will need your help so, please, call 713 526 5738 and donate to KPFT. Help us keep in tact The Monitor’s 13-year record of doing its part. Thank you!

Our only guest for this week’s show is Otis Maclay. Otis is the Pacifica Web Administrator and was for many years the Program Director at KPFT. He gave me my start on the radio and will perhaps share some of that story with you.


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