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On The Monitor this week:

  • As American jobs are sent abroad and candidates grandstand on the topic, we talk with Civil Rights attorney James Otto about a lawsuit he filed against Disney “Whose Preference For Foreign Workers Over U.S. Workers Resulted In Over 700 Competent U.S Workers Forced To Train Incompetent Foreign Workers”
  • The US has started to use manned airstrikes from a base in Turkey against ISIS forces in Syria. At the same time, the country’s leading Kurdish politician accused President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of ‘supporting ISIS’ in the past. He said that Erdogan wants early elections as part of a strategy of ‘attacking the Kurdish movement’ and reversing its recent political gains.” We discuss the background with Kani Xulam

More about this week’s guests:

James OttoJames A. Otto, a former Marine Corps officer in the 1970s, is an attorney based in Northridge, CA. He served as an Officer in the United States Marine Corp. from 1976 to 1980. From 1996 to 2002, he worked for the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing prosecuting violators of California’s civil rights laws in both employment and housing. Presently, he is developing new legal theories to protect American workers and green card holders from national origin discrimination.

The following is extracted from a press release by Otto:

Civil Rights Attorney James Otto says that “an unholy alliance of lawyers and craven corporation practices have installed surreptitious strategies to illegally discriminate against the American workforce. The result is the betrayal of the American dream of “fairness to all”. Otto states that “Disney Corporation authorized a NO U.S. WORKER EMPLOYMENT POLICY firing over 700 competent U.S. workers in Florida, Anaheim and Burbank, California, as well as, New York. Disney required them to train their foreign imported replacements in order to be paid. Disney executives told employees “Get used to it. You need to learn to wear a sari [Indian dress] because that is the only place you will ever get a job.”

To see why the “disconnect” is real – view this  YouTube video (

The result is an inequality that is rapidly undermining democracy. Like an odorless gas, every corner of our country is being sapped of its strength. The evidence of the economic pollution is everywhere. As Bob Dole once said” The poor don’t contribute to campaign funds.” Our government is consistently favoring the rich. This is the sad source of the problem.


 Hillary Clinton supports importing more foreign workers to replace and fire competent U.S. workers. As Secretary of State, she authorized the U.S. Embassy in India to break federal law by accepting and processing EVERY VISA IN EXCESS OF 60,000 TO REPLACE American workers. Clinton spent over 40 million tax-payer’s dollars to build and educate foreigners to be imported and replace American workers

Donald Trump supports firing competent American workers to replace them with incompetent imported foreign workers. Carly Fiorina brags that she fired Americans and replaced them with foreign workers.”

Kani Xulam is director of the American Kurdish Information Network and a native of Kurdistan.He studied International Relations at the University of Toronto, holds a BA in history from the University of California Santa Barbara and an MA in the International Service program at American University. At the University of Toronto, he represented Kurdistan at the Model United Nations, which passed a nonbinding resolution recognizing the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination.At the University of California Santa Barbara, he was part of a group of peace activists who protested the first Gulf War by taking part in a sit-in at Chancellor’s office in January 1991. Everyone was arrested. Mr. Xulam pled not guilty, defended himself, and was sentenced to 18 hours of community service to plant saplings in Santa Barbara. In 1993, at the urging of Kurdish community leaders in America, he left his family business in Santa Barbara, California to establish the American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN) in the nation’s capital. AKIN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering Kurdish-American understanding and friendship.

In 1997, he took part in a hunger strike on the steps of the Capitol urging members of Congress to use their good offices on behalf of their imprisoned Kurdish colleagues. 153 members signed a letter urging President Clinton to intervene on the matter. Mr. Xulam, on the advice of his physician, ended his fast on the 32nd day.

Quote: “The U.S. use of bases in Turkey follows Ankara breaking a three-year truce with the Kurds — and the U.S. government is not stopping that. This is in line with prior U.S. government policy. Three years ago, the U.S. provided Turkey with ‘actionable intelligence,’ which resulted in the death of 34 Kurdish villagers. While Kurdish forces have been quite effective in fighting ISIS in Syria, the Turkish government has turned its back to ISIS fighters crossing its borders. This is partly driven by an incredible animosity toward [Syrian President] As’ad — partly out of an anti-Alawite sectarianism. With elections coming up and with Erdogan restarting a low-intensity conflict in Turkey, the ongoing war in Syria and Iraq could easily spread to Turkey.”

Xulam recently wrote the piece “Calling all John Browns in Turkey.”

For more background see Patrick Cockburn: “Turkey conflict with Kurds: Was approving air strikes against the PKK America’s worst error in the Middle East since the Iraq War?


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