Show Details for the week of April 21st, 2014

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On the show this week:

  •  Abuja Bombing Sign of Escalating ‘War’ in Nigeria and U.S. Iran policy – an interview with James Jennings
  • Is Congress making it easier for the U.S. to go to war with Iran and are there peaceful alternatives to military force in Afghanistan? An interview with Jon Rainwater

More about this week’s guests:

Jim Jennings

James E. Jennings is Founder and President of Conscience International and Executive Director of US Academics for Peace, a unit of Conscience International.  He is a member both of the Board of Trustees and of the staff, with responsibilities for program and institutional development.  He began personally delivering humanitarian aid during the Siege of Beirut in 1982 and subsequently led medical teams to treat victims in active war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Gaza, among other places.  He also organized and led rapid medical/surgical responses to major earthquakes in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Haiti, Indonesia, and Peru.   In Haiti, Conscience International has built 140 permanent seismic-resistant homes from earthquake rubble with the aid of nearly 100 volunteer teams.
Since founding Conscience International in 1991, Jim has demonstrated conscience in action by responding to emergency humanitarian needs in more than thirty countries.  Conscience International is now active on three continents, channeling volunteers and resources into places that are the among the world’s most needy, where conditions and access are the most challenging, and sometimes the most dangerous.  As a leader in urging that the “Clash of Civilizations” be replaced by a “Dialogue of Civilizations,” he has personally organized and led university-to-university conferences in Baghdad, Tehran, Damascus, and Khartoum, among other places, and has engaged in high-level political and religious dialogue.James organized a delegation of U.S. academics who visited Iran earlier this year for talks with political, academic and religious leaders.

Jon Rainwater, Executive Director, Peace Action West
Jon Rainwater is Executive Director of Peace Action West. For over 25 years, Jon has been active in campaigns on issues of peace, nuclear disarmament, social justice and environmental sustainability. An experienced policy advocate, he has worked on nuclear issues for Greenpeace, advocated for victims of domestic violence for the California Alliance Against Domestic Violence and served as director for the California League of Conservation Voters. Jon has also been involved in the electoral arena in dozens of campaigns for progressive candidates and ballot measures. Before joining Peace Action West, he worked in the environmental field helping to pass groundbreaking legislation on global warming emissions and environmental justice in California. Jon now leads Peace Action West’s efforts to promote a foreign policy based in strategic cooperation.

Mr. Rainwater on Peace Action West:

“We make sure Americans know how their representatives cast their votes on life and death issues. Ultimately, it’s an active and vocal public that will determine if the country makes the profound changes in US foreign policy that we need.”


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