Show Details for the week of July 23rd, 2012

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On this week’s show:

  • Syria in flames – are we throwing fuel on the fire? An interview with Stephen Zunes
  • Penn State hit with 4 year post season ban, vacation of wins over 14 years and $60 in fines. Does this close the chapter on the Sandusky scandal? An interview with Dave Zirin

More about our guests:

Stephen Zunes

Dr. Stephen Zunes is a Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco, where he chairs the program in Middle Eastern Studies. Recognized as one the country’s leading scholars of U.S. Middle East policy and of strategic nonviolent action, Professor Zunes received his PhD. from Cornell University, his M.A. from Temple University and his B.A. from Oberlin College. He has previously served on the faculty of Ithaca College, the University of Puget Sound, and Whitman College. He serves as a senior policy analyst for the Foreign Policy in Focus project of the Institute for Policy Studies, an associate editor of Peace Review, a contributing editor of Tikkun, and chair of the academic advisory committee for the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.

“Unlike the ousted regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Libya, the Syrian regime … is an oligarchy with a sizable (albeit shrinking) social base. The failure of the nonviolent wing of the movement challenging Assad, then, is not a result of his ruthlessness as much as the way the fact that the structure of Syrian society requires a more protracted struggle. Unfortunately, armed struggle challenges the government where it is strongest, and foreign intervention would play right into the regime’s hands, which has so deftly highlighted the West’s hypocrisy and manipulated the country’s deep nationalist sentiments.”

Stephen Zunes

Recent Article:

U.S. in No Position to Condemn Alleged Russian Transfer of Helicopter Gunships to Syrian Regime


Dave Zirin

Dave Zirin is an American political sportswriter. He was named one of UTNE Reader’s “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Our World”. Dave Zirin writes about the politics of sports for the Nation Magazine. He is their first sports writer in 150 years of existence. Winner of Sport in Society and Northeastern University School of Journalism’s 2011 ‘Excellence in Sports Journalism’ Award, Zirin is also the host of Sirius XM Radio’s popular weekly show, Edge of Sports Radio.

Recent Articles:

The Shocking Truth About Joe Paterno, Penn State and Governor Tom Corbett

Against Abolishing Football at Penn State


Edge of Sports


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