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Corporations already dominate elections. Now, one is running for Congress.

Tonight we take a closer look at the already growing effect of the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling

We will also take your calls. The Monitor doesn’t normally take listener calls but this week we’re making an exception. During the 2nd half of the show we will open our phone lines for to weigh in on this issue. Call us at 713.526.5738 during the 2nd half of the show (7:35-7:55 pm central time).


William Klein

William Klein is a Washington, D.C. writer and political consultant who has advised candidates for President, Congress, Senate, state and local office — some of whom have even won elections. He’s been called “the consultant who came in from the cold” for telling tales on his profession and showing how people like him can be bad for democracy. His political satire and glimpses inside the spin machine can be found at his website,

Earlier this year, Murray Hill Inc. became the first corporation to run for Congress. Klein is Murray Hill’s campaign manager


Murray Hill Inc. | Murray Hill Incorporated is Running for Congress

Some of their recent ads are available online:


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