Show Details for Monday April 19th, 2010

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Tonight’s guests:

Antonia Juhasz and Bryan Parras talk about Chevron

Chep Berlet talks about Tea Partiers and the demonization of the political right


During the news segment several stories were mentioned that are worth looking into:

Guest Details:

Antonia Juhasz and Bryan Parras

Antonia Juhasz is the Director of the Chevron Program at Global Exchange. The Chevron Program links communities across California, the U.S. and the World to expose the true cost of Chevron and reign in the entire oil industry. She is joined tonight by Bryan Parras of Tejas Enviromental Justice Advocacy Service

Juhasz is the lead author and editor of The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report.

Chip Berlet

Chip Berlet is a senior analyst with Political Research Associates. He is a veteran freelance writer and photographer who specializes in investigating right-wing social movements, apocalyptic scapegoating and conspiracism, and authoritarianism. A PRA staffer since 1982, he has written, edited and co-authored numerous articles on right-wing activity and government repression for publications as varied as the Boston Globe, the New York Times, The Progressive, The Nation, The Humanist, and the St. Louis Journalism Review. Berlet edited Eyes Right! Challenging the Right-Wing Backlash, co-published by PRA and South End Press (1995), a popular primer on the right. He is also co-author, with Matthew N. Lyons, of Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort published by Guilford Press (2000).

Taking Tea Partiers Seriously.
Cover story in February Progressive magazine by Chip Berlet.


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