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Tonight’s Guests: Rick Rowley and John Steinbach

Rick Rowley:

Richard Rowley joins Mark Bebawi for an interview about the July 2007 attack shown in a military video released last week by Wikileaks.

The leaked video shows Iraqis, including people working for Reuters, attacked — and then shows people in a van attempting to rescue the wounded being fired upon. See:

Rick’s work can be seen at Big Noise Films –

Rick has made four award winning feature documentaries with international theatrical distribution and dozens of short films and television pieces. He has reported from the front-lines of wars and the inside of social movements in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, Mali, Niger, East Timor and South Korea. His work has appeared on BBC, CBC, CNN International, Al Jazeera International, MBC, MTV, and Democracy Now. He has been awarded a Rockefeller Media Arts fellowship and a Jerome fellowship.

John Steinbach

John Steinbach, activist educator and author, has written extensively about the environment and nuclear energy and weapons issues. His work has been published in Z Magazine, Resist, Covert Action Quarterly, Global Outlook and the Washington Peace Letter. With is wife, Louise Franklin-Ramirez, he authored the definitive map and database Deadly Radiation Hazards USA.

Steinbach joins Mark Bebawi to discuss his  paper “Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal: Implications for the Middle East and the World.”

: “It’s unfortunate that the administration has not invited Iran, North Korea and Syria to this conference, since it’s largely supposed
to be about preventing groups from getting nuclear material and the U.S. government  has  accused  each  of  those  countries  in  one  way  or another of at least being lax on the subject.

“We’ll likely never know the real reason for Netanyahu not coming to the conference, but one reason might be that the U.S. is saying it wants a Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty and Israel is on record as being against such a treaty. Israel has the most opaque nuclear weapons  program —  estimates range from 80 to 500 nuclear weapons. Regardless of the size of its nuclear arsenal, Israel has enough sophisticated  nuclear  weapons  and the delivery system to destroy every country in the Mideast and southwest Asia.

“Contrary to what many are claiming, both Egypt and Turkey have stated that they had no plans to raise the subject of Israel’s nuclear weapons at
this conference in Washington, though many nations are sure to raise the subject at  the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [NPT] review conference in New York beginning May 1. It’s clearly Obama’s goal to come out of that conference  focusing  on  Iran.  The  last  NPT  review  conference ended in chaos when  participating nations couldn’t even agree on an agenda.

“Israel and the U.S. have had this so-called ‘nuclear ambiguity’ agreement since Nixon and [Israeli Prime Minister Golda] Meir, which continues to this day — Obama was asked about Israel’s nuclear weapons by Helen Thomas and he refused to answer.”

Background: See the following recent interview with Helen Thomas, which includes  video  of  her  asking  Obama  about  Mideast  nuclear  weapons at his first presidential news conference. Obama states he does not want to “speculate” if any  nation  in  the  Mideast  has  nuclear  weapons.  Thomas has not been called on by Obama since then. She states in this interview that if she is called on “I want  to  ask  him  if  he  ever  found out whether anyone in the Middle East has nuclear  weapons” but that she “doubts” she will be called upon again.

See Steinbach’s paper “Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal: Implications for the Middle
East and the World.”

He will be presenting the paper on Wednesday at the Institute for Policy


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