Show details for November 16th, 2008

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This week’s guests:

– Attorney Scott Horton on the DOJ’s trumped up case against Alabama Governor Siegelman

– Election integrity advocate Ellen Brodsky talks about her arrest in south Florida


Scott Horton

Scott Horton updates us on the disturbing case of an Alabama Governor jailed and convicted on weak grounds, with the apparent collusion of some in the Department of Justice.

A long-time human rights advocate, Scott Horton is a past chair of the International Law Committee at the New York City Bar Association. He is an adjunct professor of law at Columbia University where he lectures on international law and international humanitarian law. He is a New York attorney known for his work in emerging markets and international law, especially human rights law and the law of armed conflict. He is also a legal affairs and national security contributor to Harper’s magazine.

“What the Justice Department is Hiding”
by Scott Horton
November 14, 2008
The Daily Beast

“Siegelman: New Revelations ‘More Frightening Than Anything That Came Before'”
By Zachary Roth
Talking Points Memo – Muckraker
November 14, 2008

Scott Horton’s BLOG:
“No Comment” at Harper’s Magazine


Ellen Brodsky

Ellen Brodsky is a candidate for Supervisor of Elections in Broward County, Florida. Brodsky was arrested on November 13 on orders of her opponent, the current supervisor, Dr. Brenda Snipes. Ellen was running as a non-partisan, to further her goals as a long-time election integrity advocate.

We’ll ask her what happened.

FL Election Integrity Advocate, Candidate For Election Supervisor Arrested at Direction of Election Supervisor, Opponent
Posted by Brad Friedman
November 14, 2008
Brad Blog


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