Show details for October 5th, 2008

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This week’s program:

– In the first segment of our program: Election news from around the country

– In the second segment of our program: Singer / songwriter Hank Woji


Election news from around the country

Co-hosts Pokey and Mark look at current news on elections, including a clip from Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

Also in our segment:

  • Lawsuit proceeding in Ohio, alleging hi-tech tampering with the 2004 election
  • NM ballot programming error found that would deprive straight-ticket voters of their 2008 Senate and presidential votes
  • Michigan Republican operatives’ attempts to deny people their vote if their property has been foreclosed
  • Fliers distributed in black neighborhoods in Philadelphia, attempting to suppress the vote using misinformation

Am I registered to vote?

CHECK YOUR OWN REGISTRATION! As millions of registered voters are being purged in states across the country, Texas voters (and our listeners from elsewhere) should immediately check their registrations to make sure they are on file. You can still register in Texas tomorrow, Monday. You want to avoid walking up to the polls and having a hassle, where the clerk tells you you’re not registered, and ends up giving you a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots may be counted, but may not be.

Check to see if you’re registered! Even if you’re sure. Here, for Harris County, and here, for anywhere in Texas.


Hank Woji

Singer / songwriter Hank Woji was chosen in 2002 as one of the top 40 songwriters in the Kerrville Folk Festival’s New Folk Competition. His work on the recent album “Medallion” has gotten Hank nominated for the “Producer of the Year” award, by the Academy of Texas Music.

An experienced musician, Hank now lives in Houston after many years playing in the NY/NJ metro area. His music combines elements of Folk, Blues, and Rock with Brasilian, Cuban, African and Indian rhythms. All profits from the single release “Patriot Games” will go to United for Peace and Justice

Hank Woji returns to our KPFT studios to perform his music for us live. His new album, just released, is entitled “American Dreams.”


American Dreams


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