Show Details for June 3rd, 2007

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This week’s Guests:

  — Journalist LUCY KOMISAR on the secret underbelly of global finance

   — Journalist BRAD FRIEDMAN on the burgeoning DOJ scandal


— Journalist LUCY KOMISAR on the secret underbelly of global finance

Lucy Komisar

Our first guest tonight will discuss how billions of dollars evade taxation by hiding offshore.  She will also look back at the octopus global money laundering entity, BCCI. 

Lucy Komisar is a veteran free-lance journalist on international affairs.  Over the past decade, she has been the leading journalist focusing on the secret underbelly of the global financial system — offshore bank and corporate secrecy — and its links to corporate crime; tax evasion by the rich and powerful; empowerment of dictators and oligarchs; bribery and corruption; pay-to-play politics; drug, arms and people trafficking; and terrorism. 

She has reported from Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa with a focus on democratization, human rights, and security issues. Her articles have appeared in The Nation, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Progressive, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and numerous other places.
She recently published a chapter, “BCCI’s Double Game: Banking on America, Banking on Jihad” in the book, “A Game as Old as Empire.”
She also recently published an article entitled: “How Tax Cheats Are Using Your Money to Fund Republicans.”

She is a founder and co-chair of the Tax Justice Network-USA, the US branch of a group working to end tax evasion by multinational corporations and the very wealthy. She is a past John Simon Guggenheim fellow and John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation grantee. She is also a theater critic, with a particular interest in the political aspects of theater.  She lives in New York City.
How Tax Cheats Are Using Your Money to Fund Republicans
By Lucy Komisar
April 17, 2007

BCCI’s Double Game: Banking on America, Banking on Jihad

by Lucy Komisar
in the book A Game as Old as Empire


— Journalist BRAD FRIEDMAN on the burgeoning DOJ scandal

Brad Friedman
Our second guest will be Brad Friedman.  Brad has been on the Monitor numerous times, mostly to discuss election reform issues.  Brad keeps his blog, humbly named for himself, stocked with fresh news of the day, including numerous scoops.

Tonight we’ll focus on the burgeoning scandal at the US Department of Justice, which radiates in many directions.  As various DOJ staffers testify and resign (Karl Rove’s protege Tim Griffin just resigned this week), the picture is becoming clearer of an attempt:

(1) to reshape the DOJ into a partisan arm of the Republican Party by partisan hiring and retention practices,

(2) to cage voters (meaning, target voters, especially African-Americans, for purging from voter rolls, which is illegal), and

(3) to whip up prosecution efforts against voter fraud, for which US attorneys repeatedly found no evidence.  [Bear in mind that there IS evidence of ELECTION fraud, meaning theft of elections, but prosecutors found virtually zero evidence of VOTER fraud, meaning individual voters attempting to vote if they weren’t qualified.]

In addition, we’ll look at the furor surrounding the Holt Bill, HR 811, which is sparking heated disagreements among those who are hoping to improve the tattered election system in the US.



Brad Blog



FOR THOSE FOLLOWING ELECTION ISSUES: Pokey has a major article just published.





Peering Through Chinks in the Armor of High-Tech Elections

by Pokey Anderson
May 27, 2007

This article is for the non-expert who wants to finally understand the scope of the problems with electronic elections.  On its first day of publication, it was lauded as: “Amazing, amazing work. Thorough, understandable, and crucially important.”


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