Show Details for April 22nd, 2007

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This week’s Guests:

  — ELAINE ZUCKERMAN — Does the World Bank empower the world’s women?

  — GREG PALAST — uncovers new election skullduggery; also, looks at the gun lobby.


— ELAINE ZUCKERMAN — Does the World Bank empower the world’s women?

Monitor co-host Pokey Anderson will look at policies of the World Bank and related institutions, and their effects on women around the globe.  Our guest is Elaine Zuckerman, President and Founder of Gender Action, who previously worked inside the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank for two decades.

Elaine has a past history of reforming International Financial Institutions (IFIs) from inside. During the 1980s, she created the first World Bank advocacy program to prevent the harmful impacts of structural adjustment loans on the poor, especially women. In the 1990s, she created the first Inter-American Development Bank strategy for the Amazon. It prohibited further investments in roads, ranching and migration — which had damaged indigenous societies and the environment — and encouraged investments in health, water, sanitation, education and renewable resources. 

She has consulted for groups such as Oxfam.  For China, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe, she worked on gender, poverty, poverty reduction strategies, the social impact of macroeconomic policies and structural adjustment reforms, social investment funds, education and health financing, and rural development and environment projects.  Elaine studied in China for over three years during the Cultural Revolution, and speaks Chinese, French and Spanish.

The World Bank, headed by Paul Wolfowitz, is the largest public source of development financing on the planet, investing around $20 billion each year. Gender Action has found that over a trillion dollars of IFI investments made over the last 60 years have done too little to reduce poverty, especially that of poor women and girls. Females constitute over 70 percent of the world’s poor and poverty continues to feminize. Despite massive IFI investments in developing countries, per capita income has declined by over 50 percent in many African countries. 

International Financial Institution investments such as those of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank often aggravate discrimination against women and girls by intensifying poverty, trafficking in and violence against women, prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS.

Gender Action, established in 2002, is the only organization dedicated to promoting gender equality and women’s rights in all International Financial Institution investments such as those of the World Bank.

Gender Action


 GREG PALAST uncovers new election skullduggery; also, looks at the gun lobby.

Journalist and author Greg Palast is a frequent guest on The Monitor.  Monitor co-host Mark Bebawi speaks to him just as the expanded paperback edition of his book, Armed Madhouse, is released.  The book has been called “at once scary, infuriating, fascinating and frustrating,” Palast himself has been dubbed “a fire-breathing investigative reporter.”

Armed Madhouse contains a new chapter discussing plans to steal the 2008 election.  Palast is working with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on election issues.

The interview includes one of Palast’s investigative interests since the 2000 presidential election, the disenfranchisement of millions of minority voters across the US by the Republican National Committee. 

Palast is finding that there are new techniques being used to specifically target Hispanics to prevent them from being able to vote.

The interview, taped earlier this week, includes an examination of the gun lobby and its intersection with the Christian Right lobby. 



Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to New Orleans–Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a White House Gone Wild


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