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This week’s Guests:

  — Maritime expert and former ambassador Craig Murray on the 15 Britons detained by Iran

  — Well-connected? Citizen journalists investigate just HOW connected the right-wing is. 

— Maritime expert and former ambassador Craig Murray on the 15 Britons detained by Iran

Monitor co-host Mark Bebawi’s guest today is Craig Murray, former head of the British Foreign Office’s Maritime Section. He has written extensively about Iran’s detention of the 15 Britons on his web page and was among the first to note that the boundary was contested. A piece he wrote entitled, “How I Know Blair Faked Iran Map,” was published in the British Daily Mail. The sailors have now been freed.

Murray was British Ambassador to Uzbekistan from August 2002 to October 2004. He is author of the book “Murder in Samarkand: A British Ambassador’s Controversial Defiance of Tyranny in the War on Terror.”

“How I Know Blair Faked Iran Map”
By Craig Murray
April 1, 2007
British Daily Mail



“Any life saved is a victory, and I am delighted that the maritime incident has been resolved with nobody being killed or even injured. That is the right perspective on this. Yesterday four more unfortunate British servicemen died in southern Iraq as a result of Blair’s crass Middle Eastern policy. Think of them and their families, and the 70 Iraqi civilians who on average will be killed today. Yes, rejoice at the 15 who came home safely today, but remember those who did not, and their families. Less than a week before the 15 were captured, the media received the confirmation that British government scientists believed that 655,000 dead in Iraq a year ago was a good estimate. That received almost no press coverage. The detention of 15 Britons for 10 days is more important than the agonizing deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. There was a revelatory moment on BBC Breakfast TV yesterday when Admiral Sir Alan West said he was sure we had been in ‘our’ waters. He corrected himself afterwards to ‘Iraqi waters’ but the slip reveals the mindset of the occupying forces.”



 Well-connected? Citizen journalists investigate just HOW connected the right-wing is. 

A representation of a section of the Internet. (Wikipedia)

The keyboards have been flying at ePluribus Media since they were among the first to break the story of Jeff Gannon two years ago. (Gannon, a sometime-White House reporter who tossed in timely soft questions at press conferences, was also a sometime-male escort.)

Now, ePluribus Media has meticulously pieced together a look at the web architecture of the Right Wing. Monitor co-host Pokey Anderson talks with two of the authors/researchers about their finds, and about citizen journalism.

Todd Johnston has been contributing to ePluribus Media since its inception. He co-authored the first story on Jeff Gannon there. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in glaciology, focusing on rapidly melting Alaskan glaciers and more broadly on Earth systems related to global climate change. Johnston received a B.Sc. with High Distinction in meteorology and Honors in Geosciences, and a minor degree in mathematics from the Pennsylvania State University. Prior to that, he enjoyed a 15-year career as a musician.

Luaptifer is the pseudonym of another long-time collaborative journalist at ePluribus Media.  His current research question (see articles below) is, “Who is allowed inside of government firewalls? And how did they get there?”

He arrived at his current immersion in independent investigation due to civic distress after the 2004 election.  He has done computer consulting, and holds a Ph.D. in biology, investigating how diverse organisms interact at molecular levels.

(New collaborations of Todd Johnston and luaptifer)

The GOP, and the Line that Jumped the Congressional Firewall
Mar 27, 2007


Who is Michael L. Connell? Part I: The Atwater School of Politics
Mar 28, 2007


Who is Michael L. Connell? Part II: Behind the firewall.
Apr 02, 2007

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