Mentioned on air – CNN/Payolla – Link from Crooks and Liars

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On his radio show, Ed Schultz interviewed Lloyd Chapman, President of American Small Business League. Chapman accused CNN and Lou Dobbs of scrubbing a story produced months ago about the Bush administration giving away billions of dollars in loans to Lockheed Martin and Boeing that were meant to go to small businesses. He suggested that perhaps the reason the story was quashed had to do with these companies purchasing advertising on CNN even though they provide products and services that are unavailable to the public.  Audio of the interview available here.

Apparently this has been going on for years. Who would believe that a news outlet would decide not to run a story that is clearly in the public interest in exchange for some ad dollars?

Don’t forget, the Republicans refused to sign the minimum wage hike without breaks for small businesses (.pdf), because they were just so concerned for them. Stories like this only magnify the hypocrisy of the “Republic” Party and their claptrap about supporting small business.


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