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 Environmental writer Kelpie Wilson on new Green Energy Ideas and Iraqi Kurdish doctor and academic Sureya Sayadi on Iraqi Kurdistan, the death of Saddam and the state of her country

Kelpie Wilson is the t r u t h o u t environment editor.  Monitor co-host Pokey Anderson will talk with her about some of the top new ideas for green technology.

Trained as a mechanical engineer, Kelpie Wilson has long been an environmental activist and writer.  Her articles have appeared in Wild Earth, The Progressive, and the Earth First! Journal.  


She lives with her husband in a solar-powered cabin in the Siskiyou Mountains of southwestern Oregon.  She has been living off the grid since 1990.  Her novel, Primal Tears, published by North Atlantic Books in Fall 2005, looks at the kinship and alienation of humans from other animals and the natural world.


“2006 Top Green Tech Ideas
January 5, 2007





Gale Norton’s leadership, the Department of Interior has become nothing less than a big box store for the mining, timber, oil, gas, and coal industries. As CEO, Norton has eliminated all rivals to give her corporate customers ‘low, low prices every day.’ Meanwhile, fish and wildlife and all the rest of us who need clean air and water underwrite the true cost.” — “From Teapot Dome to Gale Norton,”
by Kelpie
Wilson,  t r u t h o u t | Perspective, March 19, 2006,

Iraqi Kurdish doctor and academic Sureya Sayadi

Sureya Sayadi is a doctor and academic living in the
United States.  She is an Iraqi Kurd, born in 
Kirkuk, Iraq. The Kurdish people number between 25-30 million, but have no state of their own, living in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Russia and

Mark Bebawi will talk with her about the Kurdish people, who seem to get lost in the discussions in
Iraq about the Sunnis and Shiites.  She writes of recent history, “
My people were brutally massacred by the Baathist government, while the
United States and other European countries helped Saddam procure the weapons and chemicals he used on us.”

While in high school in the Middle East, she emigrated to North Dakota, and later graduated from the

University of
Minnesota.  She has lived in the Caribbean and
England.  From working as a motel maid in
North Dakota to becoming a medical doctor, she continues to worry about families torn apart by war, including the many Kurdish refugees.


“Hillary Clinton and

George Bush: No Friends of the Kurds”


Sureya Sayadi




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