Show Details for December 10th, 2006

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On this week’s show:

The Human Cost of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

A Victory for the Amazon and its natives!

<> ~ 6:15 pm CST — Dr. Seema Jilani on her documentary, “Israel and Palestine: The Human Cost of the Occupation.”

Monitor co-host Mark Bebawi welcomes our KPFT colleague Dr. Seema Jilani today. She will be in the studio to discuss her documentary, “Israel and Palestine: The Human Cost of the Occupation.” Part of the audio will be aired.

Dr. Seema Jilani earned her medical degree from Bayor College of Medicine in 2006 and is currently pursuing a residency in pediatrics. She has been a reporter for Pacifica radio and KPFT in Houston for over five years. She travelled to Israel and the Occupied Territories in 2005 with the Jewish American Medical Project, which is an organization that aims to promote peace in the Middle East through healthcare and counseling. Dr. Jilani has consistently concentrated on health and human rights issues around the world and has also traveled to Sudan with a medical relief team. She has traveled extensively and plans to continue her humanitarian work internationally.


“Israel and Palestine: The Human Cost of the Occupation”

<> ~ 6:40 pm CST — Leila Salazar of Amazon Watch on the victory of the Achuar tribe in Peru

Andres Sandi, indigenous leader, discusses the Achuar’s history victory over the oil industry in Northern Peru

PHOTO: One Peruvian Gas Pipeline Project

Monitor co-host Pokey Anderson welcomes Leila Salazar of Amazon Watch to the studio today to discuss a historic victory in Peru. At least one indigenous leader of the Achuar tribe, Gonzalo Payma, will join us. They bring good news — Los Angeles-based Occidental Petroleum will respect the wishes of the Achuar people and surrender commercial drilling rights to a vast area of pristine primary tropical rainforests that comprise the Achuars’ ancestral lands in northern Peru. The Achuar have been fighting to protect their rainforest homeland and their rights in the face of oil “development” for more than three decades.

As a result of three decades of dumping, the Achuar have unsafe and illegal levels of a range of toxins in their bodies, including lead and cadmium. It has also poisoned local waterways to the point where the fish and game populations on which the Achuar depend for survival are no longer fit for human consumption.


Amazon Watch


Monday, December 11, 7 – 9 PM
5401 Jackson@ Prospect
Entrance on Prospect


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