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Missing Votes, War Profiteers

Jonathan Simon on 3 million votes gone astray

Jonathan Simon joins The Monitor’s co-host Pokey Anderson today to tell us about his study of exit polls, just released.  In the study, “Landslide Denied: Exit Polls vs. Vote Count 2006,” he and co-author Bruce O’Dell compare the November 2006 election national exit polls with the official vote tallies.  They find a 3 million vote discrepancy in the expected votes for Congress.  They will soon be releasing a similar study of votes for Senate.

Using exit polls that Simon and O’Dell found to be representative, they write that “the Democrats’ 2006 total House vote margin was 11.5%, or nearly 4% greater than the 7.6% reported vote count margin. This represents nearly a three million vote discrepancy between the validated exit poll results and the reported vote tally for the US House of Representatives.”

Simon says the mainstream media is staying away from this story.

Simon is a graduate of Harvard College and New York University School of Law, is a member of the Bar of Massachusetts. As a result of his prior experience as a political survey research analyst for Peter D. Hart Research Associates in Washington, he became an early advocate for an exit poll-based
electoral “burglar alarm” system, independent of media and corporate control, to detect computerized vote shifting in Election 2004. He was able to capture and analyze critical official exit poll data briefly posted on the web prior to its election-night disappearance, data which served as an initial basis for questioning the validity of Election 2004.

Jonathan Simon is a co-founder of the Election Defense Alliance  — — a national coordinating body for citizen electoral integrity groups and individuals. He is also a member of Alliance for Democracy — .

Landslide Denied: Exit Polls vs. Vote Count 2006
Under-sampling of Democrats in the House Exit Poll
and the Corruption of the Official Vote Count
by Jonathan Simon, JD, and Bruce O’Dell
Election Defense Alliance
November 2006

Stopping H.R. 550 Because We Can’t Compromise on Democracy
by Nancy Tobi and Paul Lehto
OpEd News
November 18, 2006

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald on “Iraq for Sale”

Robert Greenwald
is a producer, director and political activist. The Monitor’s co-host Mark Bebawi will talk with him about his newest film, “IRAQ FOR SALE: The War Profiteers,” the story of what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war.

Greenwald’s films have garnered 25 Emmy nominations, four cable ACE Award nominations, two Golden Globe nominations, the Peabody Award, the Robert Wood Johnson Award, and eight Awards of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board. He was awarded the 2002 Producer of the Year Award by the American Film Institute. Greenwald has received the Liberty Hill Foundation’s Upton Sinclair Award for his political work.

Greenwald is the also director/producer of “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price” (2005), a documentary that uncovers the retail giant’s assault on families and American values and “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism” (2004). He also executive produced a trilogy of political documentaries: “Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election” (2002); “Uncovered: The Iraq War” (2003), which Greenwald also directed; and “Unconstitutional” (2004).

Brave New Films, Greenwald’s new media company, is working on telling stories using film that will influence the debates about the most important issues of the day and is currently distributing The Big Buy: Tom DeLay’s Stolen Congress.

IRAQ FOR SALE: The War Profiteers
Brave New Films


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