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I shoot a variety of subjects and events (including weddings and receptions).

Portraits are my favorite photographic expression – either as candid shots that captures specific moments, or a meticulous execution of a carefully planned idea.

When it comes to events, I apply a mix of creativity and photojournalism – always looking for the perfect balance between documentary and evocative aesthetics. The ultimate goal is to produce a series of images that show the viewer what it felt like to be there. Low light venues are something of a speciality of mine and always a fun challenge.

You can see more high resolution examples of candid and posed portraits (including weddings) on my photography website.


While I value realism and faithful portrayal of events, I also enjoy creating specific looks for individual projects.

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Your logo stands at the core of your brand. It has to work on everything from a business card to a billboard. Logo design can be commissioned a separate item or as part of a comprehensive website development and design package.

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Putting it all together

Your logo needs a place to live that matches it’s style and purpose. As that home, your website has to have rich content and be easy to navigate.

Here are some examples of prior work I have done when commissioned for comprehensive creative services: logo, graphics, website design

  • Scholarize is a web services company focused on academics. Their logo hints at the sciences and humanities.
  • Daily Male Check is a “Website for the Thinking Man” exploring topics like relationships, and physical and mental health.
  • The History of Health, Human Disease, and the Environment project (H3DE) is an advanced academic project to map the pathogenic landscape in past centuries in order to shed light on current health challenges and emergent threat of infectious disease.

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The internet has changed the way people consume media and interact with their environments. While images and graphics have gained importance, the written word still possesses the power to inform, and influence. I have years of experience with harnessing that power.

Full Length Articles

When an organization has access to a specific audience it also has the opportunity to give that audience a granular message in long form articles. I particularly enjoy digging into a topic and drawing together multiple threads to present a complicated topic in clear digestible terms. I have researched and published dozens of highly specialized articles aimed at a specific audience. As a power industry researcher I wrote more than three dozen articles about the U.S. power generation sector dealing with topics like market trends, legislation, and technological developments. I can do this kind of detailed synthesis for your organization. I can also ghost write op-eds, press releases, articles.

Press Releases/Social Media Posts

For everyone from musicians to non-profits, I can help you create and publish press releases and social media posts to inspire engagement, build connections, and foster relationships. I use clear, simple language, and I diligently follow the proper etiquette (tags, mentions, retweets, etc.) to create the maximum impact. Having a good picture doesn’t hurt either and I can help with that too – see my photography section on my visuals page.

Editing and Copyediting

Nuanced attention to detail and consistency of language are the keys to good copyediting. I have extensive experience as a copyeditor, including sole responsibility for copyediting thousands of pages for Brill, a prestigious academic publisher. I have edited and copyedited articles by dozens of authors, many of whom are not native English speakers. I am able to balance volume review and publication deadlines, while working directly with authors.

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