From photography to graphic design, if you already have a clear vision of what you want, I have the technical skills to execute that vision. If you’re looking for artistic guidance, I have the creativity to make the images that communicate your purpose. I love what I do, and I do it with passion. Click the Contact me button below and I will set up an appointment for a phone/Skype/in person consultation. I look forward to working with you.

Website Design

Whether you want a fully custom website or a simple refresh of your current site, I can handle the content from start to finish: layout, images, menus, social media plugins, widgets….everything.

Logo Design

In need of a new logo? I can create a simple, clean logo for your website or business card. This can be a separate item or an add-on as part of a comprehensive website development and design package.


Portraits and events are my speciality but, with more than twenty years of photography experience, I can shoot everything from landscapes to products. One of the most important aspects of photography is what happens after a shoot. Here is what I do: I edit the images you need for both print and digital use and I transfer all image use rights to you so you can use the images for press releases, web content, social media, and print. You can see more examples of my photography here.

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The internet has changed the way people consume media and interact with their environments. While images and graphics have gained importance, the written word still possesses the power to inform, and influence. I have years of experience with harnessing that power.

Full Length Articles

When an organization has access to a specific audience it also has the opportunity to give that audience a granular message in long form articles. I particularly enjoy digging into a topic and drawing together multiple threads to present a complicated topic in clear digestible terms. I have researched and published dozens of highly specialized articles aimed at a specific audience. As a power industry researcher I wrote more than three dozen articles about the U.S. power generation sector dealing with topics like market trends, legislation, and technological developments. I can do this kind of detailed synthesis for your organization. I can also ghost write op-eds, press releases, articles.

Press Releases/Social Media Posts

For everyone from musicians to non-profits, I can help you create and publish press releases and social media posts to inspire engagement, build connections, and foster relationships. I use clear, simple language, and I diligently follow the proper etiquette (tags, mentions, retweets, etc.) to create the maximum impact. Having a good picture doesn’t hurt either and I can help with that too – see my photography section on my Visuals page.



Nuanced attention to detail and consistency of language are the keys to good copyediting. I have extensive experience as a copyeditor, including sole responsibility for copyediting thousands of pages for Brill, a prestigious academic publisher. I have edited and copyedited articles by dozens of authors, many of whom are not native English speakers. I am able to balance volume review and publication deadlines, while working directly with authors.

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Mark Bebawi is a published photographer, author, and media content producer. He has lived on three continents (Africa, Europe, and North America) and speaks three languages (English, Arabic, and French). He holds three university degrees (from Exeter, Rice, and Oxford). He has more than a decade of experience in three spheres: IT, media, and academia. He has been based in Houston, TX, since 2000.

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

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